Their legal peers have consistently voted the attorneys at Bush Rudnicki Shelton some of the most effective in the Southwestern United States. The reasons for this have nothing to do with large numbers of billable hours. It is based on the firm’s consistent performance in the courtroom and boardroom, relentlessly pursuing the interests of its clients.

The firm began with a single lawyer, Bob Bush, representing a few Dallas-Fort Worth homebuilders and over 25 years, this very tight-knit group of bottom-line entrepreneurs grew to value his firm’s skill and work ethic. Bush built his small law firm by keeping his overhead low thereby avoiding the usual trap of law firms – the constant pressure to increase billings. He also instilled a work ethic in every attorney and employee. Adding strategic resources and additional attorneys (some of whom are now partners in the firm) as this expertise was needed, allowed the Bush firm to flourish.

This legacy became the foundation for Bush Rudnicki Shelton.

Today, the firm that was once solely focused on construction litigation has expanded to assist clients in the areas of employment, corporate, real estate and insurance law. The tools of the trade have gotten more sophisticated, but the guiding principles of the firm are still the same as they were from the beginning:

  • Treat everyone, both clients and adversaries, with respect and courtesy
  • Work hard, but work smart. Spend every minute wisely
  • Keep clients fully-informed at all times
  • Be better prepared than the opponent
  • Always do the right thing. Follow your conscience.
  • Remember that the client is always right.