The attorneys at Bush Rudnicki Shelton have handled complex insurance challenges involving hundreds of claimants and other significant exposures in a wide variety of coverage areas. The primary objective of our practice is to provide insurance companies and their clients with expert legal counsel to resolve conflicts in a fair, timely and economical manner. We have had a long history of providing successful insurance defense representation for a wide range of clients.

The litigators at Bush Rudnicki Shelton have extensive experience in both state and federal courts across Texas in several areas, including:

  • Litigating Policy Interpretation
  • Providing an Evaluation of Coverage
  • Dealing with Omissions Policy Issues
  • Advising on General Liability Policy Issues
  • Advising on Business Interruption and Economic Damage Coverage Issues
  • Counsel on Property Damage Liability Risks
  • Counsel of Builder’s Risks and Risk Matters
  • Allocation of Insured Risks

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